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The New Yorker style cartoon, digitally generated.


INFOGRAPHICS: Cartoon style illustrations for a presentation on Data Analytics. There are some inside jokes only the data analysts understand, so the author had to explain some concepts to me (illustrator) to develop the visual concepts.



ART FULL: a Meaning Full Colouring Book for Adults has 41 original illustrations.

A different kind of colouring experience, Art Full is a layered - and yes, artful - coloring book for adults and teens. As you colour each of the 41 images, shapes, images and messages are revealed. Coloring pages include various styles of mandalas, animals, nature scenes, abstract images and more. Unlike many coloring books on the market, there are no computer-generated images - each illustration is hand drawn. The most unique images were artfully composed with a word or phrase incorporated into and depicted by the illustration with some having a further layer where the word can be broken into two and both meanings can be seen in the image.


The Evil ThingThe Evil Thing The Evil Thing

The Evil Thing The Evil Thing 

The Evil Thing  is a tale about superstitions and how to overcome them. The images here are the cover and some page spreads (two facing pages).


Raccoon the Nutritionist

Children Book about a fashionable raccoon, who opened a nutrition class. All illustrations are produced digitally.


Autistic Children

The Others  - a book about autistic children. The cover illustration conveys the detachment of a child.


Fatigue Fatigue - other colours Decisions, Decisions... Freedom

Vector Illustrations:
2. Two more colour approaches for Fatigue - a nice option with digital imagery
3. Decisions, decisions...
4. Breaking Through


On budget Content the King Copyright
Cross-media magic Happy audit

Corporate newsletter
of Nyman Ink, a communication solutions firm; clicking on the image will open the newsletter in PDF format in a new window, so that the illustration can be seen in context with the article it illustrates.


Hockey Player Torah

Magazine cover illustrations:
1. Starlight Children's Foundation Newsletter (the hockey player)
2. Holy Blossom Temple bulletin (the Torah)

Superdog Superdog Breakfast Time Breakfast Time

Children's books illustrations:
Superdog Suzy
Superdog who flyes and resques kids, but also needed her rest;
and Breakfast Time, about a boy who spilled milk.


The BridgeThe Bridge is a play based on the true story of a well-respected Russian professor of architecture who sacrificed his own work for the sake of one of his students. When the student tried to flee Russia, the dean of her school refused to release her academic records, making it impossible for her to leave. The professor made a deal with him: in exchange for the student's records, the dean could pass off as his own the professor's entry to an architectural competition, a model of a bridge.

The illustration conveys the sadness of the forced parting and the strong presence of architecture in the characters' lives: the dead-centered composition, the "architectural" details of the face, ans the bridge that bought the freedom and future of the young girl.


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