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Corporate Identity usually consists of a (hopefully) rememberable logotype and other related materials, such as business cards, nameplates for web-pages and newsletters, letterheads, envelopes and so on.

Valiant is an Amazone sports equipment store, for which I designed a logo and all the other advertisement pieces.

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Managed Ananlytic ServicesPreliminary workDigital Legacy InstitutePreliminary work



Managed Analytic Services and Digital Legacy Institution


KittyPrivyKittyPrivy Business Card
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KittyPrivy is a revolutionary kitty litter container and filter system, which is discreet, attractive and odour-free.


Annelaine Productions Annelaine T-shirts Annelaine preliminary workPreliminary work

Annelaine Productions is an association producing music specifically for ballet excersizes, so the logo conveys the close connection between music and dance (and the slogan "Dance and music indivisible").


Zaccheo & AssociatesZaccheo & AssociatesZaccheo preliminary workPreliminary work

Zaccheo & Associates is a small, responsive, professional firm of seasoned executives and chartered accountants.


HBC logoHudson's Bay Company has its own Information Services division, which has its own club, which has its own logo.


Konik nameplate Konik business card

Nameplate and business card for Konik Computer Services; it is a small Toronto-based company, and its name and logo clearly reflect what it does.


TGE logo TGE business card

Top Gastro Europe is a German company that inspects and rates restaurants in the European Union. The German part of the logo says: Your Restaurant Guide — Culinary Recommendations for your trip. The logo has a very "upscale" look (choice of fonts, horisontal composition), and the golden parts of the grape leaf make it slightly more playful.


Imago logo Imago business card

Imago is an artistic photography studio in Belgium (Kunst Fotografie in Dutch), specializing in private photos of women, which is why the first letter "I" is shaped like a nude female figure. (Please remember that European, and especially Belgian and Dutch attitude towards nudity is very different from that in North America.)


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