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Samples of my creating original layout, based either solely on clients' feelings and vibes, or on the established firm/client standards. Single- and multi-page publications.

Magazines, bulletins etc. | Large Campaigns

Holy Blossom Temple Bulletin Disney Destinations Connecting Magazine Starlight Children's Foundation

Some samples of the multi-page publications. I dealt with absolutely every aspect of producing a publication: scanning, retouching, colour correction, illustration, typography, page layout, revisions from clients and editors, and all phases of pre-press production. I designed and produced these periodicals for many years in a row; some were annual reports, some published once a season, some every two weeks.

Large Campaigns

Production included high-end retouching, colour correction and separation, image troubleshooting (e.g. ensuring proper ink density and corporate colours and fonts), checking for the correct logos and legal lines, delivering proofs to clients and final artwork to printers etc.

PosterPlacematPennantScratch CardSampling Sampling

Budweiser European Soccer advertising campaign included image and blank posters, danglers, coasters, tent cards, ballots, pennant strings, placemats, scratch cards and more.

BannerBackwallBannerMock-up Mock-up

TD Canada Trust Gold Travel VISA card advertising campaign included banners, posters,
A-Frames, gift CD cover and all materials for the promotion booth - back wall, cabinets, tent sides and more.


TorontoHalifaxVictoriaMontrealSampling Sampling

TD Canada Trust International Jazz Festival advertising campaign included banners, posters, branch window/brigde/bus signs, stage backdrops, and many more various promotional pieces. There were 50-80 different pieces for each of the 10 Canadian cities that participated in this festival.

My responsibilities included not only laying out every artwork according to the size and content, but also coordinating the proof exchange between clients (namely the bank officials and the festival organizers, whose requirements often contradicted) and delivering it to the printers across the country following their requirements (everybody wanted to print from different colour and file format; some sizes were in centimeters and some in inches; etc). This was a very attention-demanding and extremely deadline-sensitive job; I am proud to say no branding was wrong and no deadlines were missed.


Budlight and Budweiser advertisement banners were built to the actual size (5 ft) and my job was to organize numerous layers, place the logos, crop and retouch the images, make sure the ink density and colours were correct etc., i.e. make the giant files printable.


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