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Retouching, as well as any other form of digital image manipulation, is an important skill.
It requires knowledge of a large number of digital tools, as well as patience and meticulousness when retouching something pixel by pixel.

Digital Imagery

An incredible Art Portrait Project by Photographer Ludmila Schnaider. The models were photographed to maximally resemble famous paintings. Here is my work - bringing the actual photo to that historic painted look.

Art Portrait Project


A little girl in a princess costume can become a magic fairy

little princess >>>>> Little Fairy


Actual Retouching

Banner In this Budweiser banner a blond model is against black background. But originally she was photographed against white background (!), and it was my job to make her blond hair look natural on black. The banner was 5ft in height, so this was a very, very laborous task.


To farther illustrate this particular skill, here are the "before" and "after" shots. A beautiful young woman was photographed in the dark room with a tungsten (standard yellow) light right above her, which created very harsh, ugly shadows at all the wrong places, such as under her nose. Manual retouching, as well as long play with hue, saturation, brightness, contrasts, colour balance etc. produced a much more attractive photo.

Sometimes digital image manipulation is needed to help potential clients see the product that does not yet exist. When working at the creative packaging firm Orchard International, I was often given a picture of a product prototype, a bunch of empty containers and accessories, and my job was to create presentations for these products.

For example, I get these flat bottle designs:

future bottles

and some stuff like this (about 70-80 different pieces):

container or box or sponge + bag

and in a couple of days a client would see about 70-80 mockups like this
(that leaves a few minutes per mock-up):

container filler box filler bag

Just to show that I can make anything look like anything and fast.


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