Cuba, Santa Maria Island

February 2024


It is an island. You look left, right, centre, and there is nobody. Except if you look under.








Then you look under



The best thing to do in order to survive February



...or be brave and swim to a real coral island, just about 250m into the sea



Then you eat some cactus. Sorry, I meant Prickly Pear.



Creatures I never see at home, e.g. hunting (fishing?) pelicans



This heron's footprints are larger than mine



Evil jellyfish, even when dead (?) or little



So nice to see luscious greeenery, which blossoms and smells wonderful, in the middle of February



I went alone, so the only photos of me are selfies, and the one out-of-focus self-timer. Sorry.



Remembering babyhood, epsecially on an empty beach when there are no witnessess




Travels of one multi-purpose item of clothing in one day: Cayo Santa Maria > Santa Clara airport > Toronto airport > home


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