Cuba, Holguin, Fiesta Americana Resort

February 2019


The boys' very frist plane flight



Naty took his best friend for moral support



De-icing takes long, long time in February in Toronto



Aftre 4 hours finally no more ice in the window




The best thing to do in February




Delfinario Cayo Naranjo

Naranjo Bay Dolphinarium




Dolphins like their tummies scratched, just like cats and dogs





Back to land - the dolphinarium was in the middle of the sea. Naty the Boat Captain!



Back to the resort: no cars on the roads.



A break from the salt water - a bar right in the swimming pool




Little guests in our hotel:







At the sunset, lots of brave little crabs travel to the water:






Sorry, the quality of this video is very low - it was taken through a basic Ziploc bag.
You can still, however, distinguish the boys from the fish. | Trips