Dina started her visual art training at an early age while living in Russia. At 15 she joined the Analytical Art Studio, and still follows this school and artistic method. In Canada, she continued her studies and graduated in Visual Arts from York University. She works as an illustrator and graphic designer and even a face/body painter, as well as a fine artist. Dina prefers drawing with pencil to any other media, although occasionally opting for painting and digital imagery.

Selected Art Shows (By Application and Juried)

•     Disrupting/Undoing, OCAD University, Open Gallery, 2013
•     Dina Belaia – Solo Show, Deer Park Library, 2013
•     Annual Art Show, Central Connection, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
•     Various Themes, Artisans at Work Gallery, 2016, 2017 (Not Juried)
•     Shades of Ability, Floral Hall, Toronto Botanical Gardens, 2016
•     Shades of Ability, Commerce Court, 2016
•     Shades of Ability, Floral Hall, Toronto Botanical Gardens, 2017 (Winner - Best Oil, Best Drawing)
•     Snowflakes Show, Yellow House Gallery, 2016, 2017, 2018
•     Drawing, John B. Aird Gallery, 2017
•     You Have To Take Stairs, Zebra Public Art Mgmt., 2017
•     Festivus Show, Northern Contemporary Art Gallery, 2017
•     Dina Belaia – Solo Show (34 pieces), Cedar Ridge Gallery, 2018


Dina’s drawings follow the school of Analytical Abstractionism (see
It employs a process of non-programmed creating forms from particular to whole, analysing the appearing image rather than synthesizing it. Try to understand not what, but how  it’s done.
Be interested not in the face of the clock, but in the inner mechanism to understand progression of time.

It is often easier and faster to update the artwork collection on social media than on the website. To see the most recent developments, click:

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Trojans of Soul
Graphite, 16"x20"

Figured Out
Graphite, 14"x17"

Sleeping Demons
Graphite, pastel, 11"x14"

Graphite, 9"x14"

Facing Dark
Triptych, 8"x10" each piece, graphite, white conte, grey paper

Wait a Minute
Graphite, white conte, grey paper, 9"x12"

Graphite, crayons, 10"x20"

Three Graces
Graphite, 9"x12"

Portrait of a Teacher
Graphite, 9"x12"

Abstract Thinking
Graphite, mixed media, 10"x14"

Dusty Rose
Mixed media, 8"x8"

Tree Refflection
Graphite, 10"x17"

Warm Touch
Acrylic, 8"x10"

Crayons, 8"x10"

Never Met
Graphite, 10"x16"

Fatigue (Crushed)
Graphite, 9"x12"

From Afar
Graphite, 14"x17"

Imaginary Hug
Crayon, parchment, 9"x12"

Watercolour, graphite, diptych 8"x10"

Sleep Study 1
Graphite, 9"x23"

Sleep Study 2
Graphite, 10"x13"

Mural, 10'x10'

Fat? Pregnant? Cancer?
Graphite, 9"x12"

Watercolour, graphite, 10"x13"

Lost and Found
Watercolour, diptich, 5"x7" each piece

Watercolour, graphite, 11"x14"

Screw It
Graphite, 8"x10", sold

Thinking Off
Watercolour, graphite, 8"x8", sold

Graphite, 8"x11", sold

Heavy Hand
Graphite, white conte, grey paper, 8"x9", sold

Tree Face
Graphite, 11"x14", sold

Facing Blue
Oil, 20"x24"

Graphite, grey paper, 10"x10"

Blending In