Yurii Bogdanovich Tumanian

The best way to get acquanted with Tumanian's life and his role in Analytical Art is to read the following literal translation of his autobiography.

The actual text may be seen below.

I have been working and am still working as a chief architect of major projects and as a post-secondary insntitution professor (architecture, art history). I am the designer of a number of architectural complexes and individual buildings in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), Kishinev (Moldova), Stary Oskol (Russia).

I became an artist over the years 1962-70 under the impact of Pavel Iakovlevich Zaltsman, the only remaining living follower of Pavel Filonov by 1960. The only Zaltsman's student, I was taught by him individually for 9 years.

I am a convinced follower of Filonov system of analytical painting and graphics.

None of my works have ever been exhibited, published, or sold .

I have organized the Studios of Analytical Art in Alma-Ata (1967-1971) and Kishinev (1987-1990).

For 15 years I have been developing a manual for teaching artists "Analytical Painting: Theory and Practice". The book is almost finished and contains 3 teaching models (for different conditions). It is designed for work with youth in the age of 17-22 for 3 years.

Personal interests: aesthetic and psychological aspects of philosophy that have to do with teaching, painting, graphics, architecture, music.

I am concerned about the future of my paintings and my research in the field of teaching, which I believe to be significant/ prospective.

My health and aptitude for work allows me to work actively.

Yurii Tumanian, August 1992.


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