Filonov's Students

Vsevolod Angelovich Sulimo-Samuilo (1904-1965)

Sulimo-Samuilo was famous in Leningrad as a decorative artist, book designer, was considered to be a great authority among painters. In the mid 1920s he was a fairly active member of Filonov's group. During the tears 1924-26 he studied in the Art Institute. Following the closure of that Institute, he joined the Filonov's collective where he became one of the most active and talented students. The works that have been preserved (in "traditional" style) reflect a fairly high professional level which the painter had even back then.

His work from the late 1920s was of two types: "naturalistic" or mixed style (Filonov's technique and composition were used as a surface visual trick) and symbolical, very conspicuous, with tense shapes and colors, mainly on large format (known only by testimonies).

The first, graphic, type, reflected in "Self-Portrait", shows very fine, concentrated, relief modelling of shape, dotted facture.

Eventually there wasn't much of Filonov's influence in his late work.

Vsevolod Sulimo-Samuilo,

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Sophia Ludvigovna Zaklikovskaia (1906-1978)

Zaklikovskaia was one of the core members of the oragnization. She participated in exhibition in The Publishing House and other ones along with the group. Title pages, end matter and illustrations to "Kalevala", made by Zaklikovskaia, have a very complex, sharp and innovative touch in their basis. The mixture of philosophical, spacial and thematical parts, saturation with meaning were always astonishing in her work.

Sophia Zaklikovskaia, Old And New LifeStyles, fragment. 1927

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